About Us

Chuvis is the online hub for Tech NEWS, Gadget Reviews, Gadget Purchase, Gadget Fix and Tech solutions

What we really do?

We source trending accessories, gadgets and electronics within and outside Nigeria and get it delivered right to your doorstep.


  • Original Brands
  • After Sales support
  • Super Fast delivery

Our Vision

To be a world- class standard tech company delivering best value to our customers



Our Mission

To create value by offering top notch services and products to our customers




What can we do for you ?

We are always available to answer questions or complaints about our products and services.

Most of the products in our inventory have been subjected to several test by our technical team and so we are able to attest to the level of quality.

We pride ourselves as one of the microscopic few stores that ship orders within the hour for delivery. We have been able to deliver an order to a customer within an hour in Lagos.

Call us on 07031903850

Send a mail to help@chuvis.ng

Since January 2020, we have made over 1000 customers happy delivering top quality products to their doorstep