There are some essential gadgets you should carry while travelling but often times we forget. Preparing for a journey is often difficult because you have to make sure you don’t forget any of the important things you need to go with. More often than not, you’ll end up forgetting something and you’ll get to realize midway into your journey or when you’ve arrived.


Gadgets are very important items that make your journey interesting, more convenient and less annoying. You’ll need this list of essential travel gadgets to bring to an end years of travelling without being properly equipped and have a fun, unforgettable journey.


This device serves as an external battery for your phone and is one important item that should never be left behind. You can use it to charge your phone, tablet and Bluetooth headset as you travel.


This cable helps you connect devices such as your phone, tablet and Bluetooth headset to your power bank for charging. It is preferable to go with a small (mini) cord instead of a long cord that gets tangled up in your bag.


This gadget helps hold your phone steadily while you take pictures or record videos during your journey rather than using your shaky hands.


If you are travelling with a group of friends or you are going on an international trip, an internet router is necessary to provide wireless internet connection. Modern routers, known as Mi-Fi are small and portable.


If you are travelling to somewhere remote or going for a vacation, a Bluetooth speaker is one gadget you should carry along to enable you listen to music anytime and anywhere.


To make your journey more interesting, you should consider going with an android tablet or apple iPad so that you can watch your favourite music videos and movies on the go. Going with this device also helps to save your smartphone battery because you won’t focus on your phone all journey.


You’ll surely need this connected to your smartphone or tablet to enjoy good music, watch movies and music videos while you travel. It also prevents you from noise disturbances from crying babies and loud chatter while you travel. You can also connect it to the audio jack of a plane if it comes with a cable.


Very important! Be sure to take this along to recharge your devices when you arrive at your destination or stop over at a hotel on your way.


If you can’t afford a Bluetooth headset, an earpiece is a must have and you should take this along as you travel. It is cheaper than a headset and helps you enjoy your music from your smartphone or tablet. A wireless earpiece (ear bud) is preferable if you can afford it although it is still less expensive than a headset.


This handy device helps you carry documents and photos that you can easily print in case the hard copies get lost or stolen. You can also use it to collect important documents and other files while travelling or when you arrive your destination.


This device will be very useful whether in your private vehicle or a public car. You can recharge your devices while you travel to ensure you are not low in power.


It is usually advisable to pack your gadgets or put them together a day before you travel to avoid leaving any out. You can use this post as a guide on the essential gadgets you should carry while travelling, when packing your gadgets for a journey. With these essential gadgets, a convenient journey is assured. Here at Chuvis, we provide all these gadgets at affordable prices.