There is no doubt smartphones have become a big part of our daily lives due to the number of things we use them to do. Apart from making calls and sending text messages, modern smartphones can do a lot more like giving you direction (using the goggle map), access to internet, social media, music, movies, games and email etc. That’s why it is important to carefully choose a phone that suits you

However, deciding which phone to get is a very difficult choice to make. Whether you want to replace your damaged or stolen phone or you are planning to buy your first smartphone, the variety in the market will surely give you selection headache. Therefore, if you don’t put certain factors in
consideration, you might end up buying the wrong phone or a phone that doesn’t suit you.

Questions To Help You Choose A Phone That Suits You

Before setting out to buy a new phone from a shop or ordering online, you must itemize what you desire in a phone and match it with your budget. List out all the desirable features and compare devices within your budget range. The following points will guide you in choosing carefully a phone that suits you

Which Operating System Do I Choose?

There are three prominent operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. The choice of operating system is important to some people but it doesn’t matter to others.
Android is designed by google and many manufacturers such as Infinix, Techno, Samsung, Huawei among others make use of android. It is cheaper, offers more hardware options, easy to customize and allows you install applications and games from the google play store. You can change default browser, texting app, revamp your icons and create the interface you like.

On the other hand, iOS phones are very easy to use, even for first time phone users, allows you access safer applications on the apple app store. Only iphones use iOS software but the android software is used by many manufacturers. If you want to replace a phone, it is better to stick with an iOS you are used to enable you transfer information easily from your old phone. However, if there is a feature on another operating system you like, you can go with it.

How Much Do I Have For A New Phone?

Don’t go bankrupt or borrow to buy a new phone, match your taste with your budget. Depending on the amount you have, there is always a phone for you. iOS phones are generally more expensive, costing at least NGN150,000 while android phones could be as cheap as NGN20,000 with more price variety from different manufacturers. Set a budget and compare the devices that fall within that range.

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Do I Want A Large Or Smaller Screen Size?

This depends on what you like using your phone to do. Movie and game lovers prefer large screen sized phones greater than 5.5 inches while others can go with a small screen size smaller than 5 inches or a medium screen size between 5 to 5.5 inches. Smaller screen sized phones are easier to put in your pocket and hold than their large counterparts.

What Kind Of Phone Display Do I Like?

The display affects the sharpness of images and text. You should look out for phones with a panel bright enough for you to read outdoors under the sun. you should also look out for colour quality and viewing angles rather than just the resolution. AMOLED screens are preferred over LCD, deeper black level and wider viewing angles are also important. Phone models that support HDR give more colours and superior contrast in movies. The best resolutions are full HD (1920 ×1080p), quad HD (2560 ×1440p) and 4K resolutions (3840 × 2160p).

What Phone Design Do I Want?

A metal, glass or both design is the best. Also, water resistant phones which you can dip in 3ft water for 30 minutes are more durable because you won’t need to worry about phone damage when it comes in contact with water. Also, a gorilla glass display or shatter-proof glass display protects your phone if it mistakenly falls. You can also get a protective case for additional protection.

What Are My Camera Specifications?

Camera is the most important feature to many smartphone users because of the pictures they take. Most smartphones now have 12 mega pixels or more cameras but you should also look out for image quality, aperture, speed, ISO, low light performance, brightness and noise reduction. For videos, look out for frame rate such as 4K at 60 frames per second. You can try taking a picture with your phone before buying it. When choosing a phone that suits you, you have to think carefully about the camera if you love taking photos and want high quality photos.


The processor and RAM determines how a phone performs. The processor controls how fast a phone can think while the RAM determines how much the phone can think at once. You should go for phones with higher RAM sizes (3gb RAM and upwards) and good processors like dual core, quad core and octa core.

What Size Of Internal Storage Do I Need?

This depends on the amount of files you plan to save on your phone, including applications, games, movies, music and photos. Your internal storage space determines how much room you have for all these and it is advised you go for 32gb and upwards or expand your internal storage with an SD card. This expansion isn’t available for iOS phones.

What Battery Capacity Is Perfect For My Needs?

Look out for a phone with long battery life that will enable you enjoy your smartphone for a long time without charging every now and then. The capacity of the battery, rated in mAh helps you here and it is preferable to buy phones with 3,000 mAh battery capacity or more.
Also, look out for a phone with the fast charging feature so that your phone gets charged quickly. However, how you use your phone determines how long the battery lasts because applications like games consume more battery. Also, the wireless charging feature is exciting and you may look out for that.

How About Security?

Choose a phone that you can unlock with the fingerprint sensor and face recognition without using a pin or password. This provides more security to your phone and apps. The face recognition feature works better in bright light.


4G enabled phones are in vogue because the world has moved on from 3G and 2G phones.
Look out for this because most sim cards are now 4G and this provides faster internet connectivity.

Other Factors

You can consider buying a phone that matches the devices you already own such as PC and tablet. Although any phone can connect and function with any PC, an apple computer or iPad goes better with an iPhone.

Final Words…

Plan to buy your new phone at the right time. New phones are launched by different manufacturers at different times of the year. Be on the lookout for this time to avoid buying a phone that goes out of vogue within weeks. Also, you can take advantage of the price drop of old devices that accompany the release of new phones.
If you put all these in consideration, there is little doubt you’ll get a phone that suits you