There are basic things to know before buying a Power bank. If you’re checking this up you must be like me. I am currently using a sweet power bank that has helped me stay on top of my game.

As a young enterprising fellow in Lagos Nigeria, I am always on the move. There is power everywhere I work but there just is not enough time to let my phone juice up.

As someone puts it “It seems the best deals happen when your device is unreacheable”. For the fear of the above, I had to go get a power bank that would do well for my device. And give me value for my money.

Here Are 5 Key Things To Know Before Buying A Power Bank

1) Power capacity:

It is a no brainer. If the stuff we need is power for our devices, we must know how much power our devices consume and how much power the power bank can contain. It makes absolutely no sense to buy any power bank just to get along.

On average. our mobile devices come with the power capacity of between 3000 mAh and 6000 mAh. My device at 3000mAh can do okay with a power bank of 5000mAh. However, in my case I settled for the 20000 mAh Anker PowerCore II.

This choice was influenced by the fact that

I spend quite a lot of time on the road necessitating my need to charge multiple times in a week. I had other devices to Charge (my headset, devices of friends and family) and I simply liked the extra-power at my pleasure.

At this junction I must state that being a 20,000 mAh power bank does not translate to fully charging my 3000 mAh battery 6 times. And then 2000 mAh remaining for other devices, it doesn’t  work like that. It means I can get about 4 full charge from the power bank before it hits zero. This is because power can be lost via other routes such as heat.

2) Portability:

A power bank has to be easy to carry along. The whole idea is a battery which can accompany you easily with no need to hit the gym to be able to lift it up. Or you develop triceps and biceps because you have to carry the power bank. It should sit well on the hand and be easy to move without much discomfort. Just like a handset would be.

My favorite on this feature is the Oraimo Toast-15 15000mAh Super Slim. It combines high output with an unbeatable portable feature. Take it wherever you will, as long as you want to and you would feel no extra-weight.

3) Durability:

No jokes, there have been cases where a powerbank which ought to have recharged a device begins discharging the device to charge itself. Trusted vendors and trusted brands put their reputation on the line when power banks come into play.

All over Lagos and Nigeria you can find people who hawk power banks at bus stations and at traffic gridlocks. It is no news if these items are not durable and end up damaging our devices.

Chuvis technology offers a wide range of trusted brands which are sure to keep our device’s juiced up. Brands such as the Havit, Romoss, Oriamo are synonymous with durability.

4) Honourable Mentions:

Before we do a final take on what we should note, we should observe some honourable mentions.

A) The USB port:

The number and type of USB ports are essential. Some come with 2 to 3 ports and can serve to recharge more devices at a go. We must take note of how many ports are available. And if they are able to recharge more than one device.

B) Input and Output Rating :

When it comes to electricity, values are calibrated and power input and output are essential. Mis-matching of any kind can irreversibly damage our devices or the Bank itself. Certain devices charge at 1A and it is totally fine if the bank has same output capacity. However, new devices which support fast charging need an output at greater than or equal to 2A.

Furthermore, power input is vital. A higher input value equals fast charging for our power bank, the Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh supports an input value at: 5V/3A with an extra-spice of the PowerIQ. This feature guarantees smooth charging and unbeatable fast juicing up despite its mammoth storage capacity. Anker PowerCore 26800mAh Power Bank comes with a dual input charging port halving recharging time to just about 6 hours.

Wireless charging is not left out as power banks come with this feature. Newer devices which support wireless charging can take advantage of this feature.

C) Certifications:

Restriction of harzadous substances (RoHS) is an European Union certification which restricts the use of certain hazardous components in electronics. A power bank that comes with this certification meets the accepted component margin. The CE marking means that the power bank has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety health and environmental protection requirements.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a certification for electronics manufactured or sold in the US. It certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is within FCC acceptable limits. The above certifications indicate the banks have met requirements. However, the UL (United Labs) testing shows that the electronic components have been tested and passed one of the most stringent safety requirements. It can come as UL listed (the battery is certified). Or UL certified (both battery and all the components is safety tested).

D) Aesthetics:

We all love a fine item, it should have all the above and still look trendy and chic. A black power bank would go with most dress style. However, some come in white, silver and other trendy colours.

5) Price :

Getting value for every penny we spend is very crucial. If I have to buy a power bank, it has to give me commesurate value in return. The smart power bank vendor would sell investments. This would ensure customers are not simply buying accessories but are investing in valuable items. Price tags come at a wide range taking into account the technology put into the power bank.

There is nothing like “too pricey” when it comes to power banks, price is equivalent to technology and safety. It is no doubt my power bank is an investment. It has helped me stay connected to customers everyday, everytime, anywhere. Chuvis technologies offers a wide range of trusted brands with unbeatable prices for every and any pocket range.

In Summary:

Check the power, the portability, durability, its Unique component and the price. These things to know before buying a Power bank are necessary if you don’t want to regret your decision. Furthermore, all these have been put into consideration when you purchase our power banks